Morbizco Owns and Operates Several Websites

MORBIZCO.COM (05/25/2015) – From the beginning of Morbizco at the turn of the century, the company has owned and operated websites that provide a variety of services on the internet. Some of them provide news and information to visitors, while others have offered support, shopping and hosting opportunities. A current list of company websites are listed here:

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Morbizco Company Site Upgrade Progress

MORBIZCO.COM (05/22/2015) – A site wide upgrade is in progress at Morbizco has hosted websites for outside customers and several Morbizco owned sites since established in 2001. We also operate, provide services, content and maintenance for the company sites. We found, to do it right, our sites require proper attention, so we phased out customer hosting to do our sites justice. The site rebuild is in line with that sentiment.

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