Morbizco Is Part of The Social Media Frenzy

MORBIZCO.COM – In addition to the Morbizco websites on our company server system, we also have page accounts on popular Facebook and Twitter social media sites. We would be happy if you would click “LIKE” on our Facebook page, and “FOLLOW” at our page on Twitter. Among other things, we’ll send notes of news and info you can use directly to your Facebook and/or Twitter account(s). You can get to our Social Media pages by clicking on either of the links below, or both of them, if you have an account at both.

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morbizco_gold-logo_blk-ol_250x79The Morbizco Internet Media Group

We Are The Morbizco Internet People.

We Believe in Truth, Honor, Equality, Empathy, Compassion, Creativity, Striving for Excellence, and the Promise and Precious Value of The Internet in the Everyday Lives of People, World Wide.

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