Internet Portal Receives New Mobile-Friendly Design

MORBIZCO.COM – One of the earlier additions to the Morbizco Internet Media website family,, has received a new look and feel and upgrade. The newest design in front and behind the curtain is Responsive to the size of the screen you’re viewing it in. We like to call it Mobile Friendly for any kind of mobile device, such as Tablets, Laptops, and even Smartphones, in addition to the Desktop Computers that fewer and fewer people are chained to.

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Mobile-Friendly Plays in Phones, Computers, Tablets, and Laptops.

MORBIZCO.COM – Morbizco has changed over another website to the Mobile Ready, Mobile Friendly category. Our company owned Internet Radio station website was opened up to the public on the internet in 2008 in it’s original form. However, as of August 3, 2015 it has upgraded to it’s new Mobile Ready, Responsive Design version. The streaming radio station has been playing the best Classic Hit Oldies and Gold Gold Hits from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 1990s since 2008. With the recent Upgrade the site is now ready for a new chapter of enjoyment.

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MORBIZCO.COM – One of the websites in the Morbizco Website Family, Internet Radio has been streaming the Best Internet Oldies Mix to Desktop PCs and laptops, since 2008, but, as of today, GreatGold has also joined the Mobile Friendly World.  We’ve been working behind the scenes for months to update and upgrade our website so it is responsive to every size monitor screen, large, medium, and now the small screens of the wireless, digital, cellphones that so many of you are using to visit websites.

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