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  • FCC May Change Internet Rules December 14, 2017

    Net Neutrality is being threatened. The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to decide whether or not to change the rules that direct how free and open internet access should be. The vote […] Real Stories, True Facts, Truthful Truth. Internet Radio The Classic Hits Mix!

  • Your Donation Can Bring the Music Back – We need your financial help to bring our audio music stream back to you. GreatGold is a Not-For-Profit internet radio station operated by volunteers who love Classic Hits as much […] Comments & Conversation

  • Please Do Not Throw Away U.S. Senator Al Franken

    GARYTALK.COM (GARYWORDS 11-19-2017) – We’ve given some close scrutiny behind the headlines of the Frankenstory causing a stir of sorts. In reality, it’s not what it seems, but, the […] May Our Portal Be With You is Real News Happening Now!

  • 140 Quality News Sources Updated Every 15 minutes

    USWEBDAILY.COM (11/04/2015) – With the addition of the latest batch of reputable news and information services, now gains new articles from 140 newsrooms every 15 […] Internet Advertising Solutions

  • We’re Rebuilding Advermagic Pages

      ADVERMAGIC.COM – has been on the internet since August 7, 2001. We thought it was about time to update our pages. It’s an upgrade in progress. When we’re […]

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  • Responsive Design and Us

    In the beginning, was all about creating distinctive projects to advertise your product or service. We produced designs for brochures, letterheads, envelopes, mailers, etc. But, our […]